A common cause of pain and/or pins and needles (tingling and numbness) which travels (radiates) from neck and into the arm, hand or fingers is a pinched nerve coming from the neck (cervical spine), these nerves back area give sensation (sensory) and strength (motor) to the upper extremity areas. Usually this nerve which is “pinched” is “pinched” due to a disc injury and/or a malposition (subluxation) of the vertebrae. This can cause pressure or contact with the nerve which causes the nerve to become inflamed (swell).

A disc injury can occur due to trauma to the spine.  This can be sudden (acute) like a recent car accident or a sports injury or can last longer (chronic) potentially attributable to an older injury or accident.  An MRI (magnetic resonance image) is the best method of determining the condition of the disc.

Gentle specific chiropractic spinal adjustments can provide immediate and effective relief of these symptoms.

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