Each New Year brings with it a myriad of resolutions to help us get more fit, more healthy, more organized and more financially secure. Where most of our resolutions have positive intentions, many will falter due to our failure to define a plan for success. It is pretty simple to look in the mirror and determine that we are unhappy with the reflection, acknowledging that the way to change our appearance is diet and exercise. But, unless we are intentional about creating a plan for change, like setting aside gym time and decidedly setting dietary limits to change our eating habits, we will continue to see the same reflection day after day.

The same can be said for those that suffer from chronic pain, such as Migraine headaches. There are people that have struggled to endure the excruciating pain of migraines for years, treating each occurrence with an over-the-counter pill or patch, just trying to make it through the “rough” part. Even with prescribed medications, the relief is only temporary and the Migraine headaches continue to come back. The only road to long-term relief is by creating a plan that goes beyond medication and reactive treatments. It begins by establishing a regime of chiropractic care that deals with the source of the problem, thereby eliminating the recurrence of Migraine headaches.

According to Dr. Richard Robinson of Bloomingdale Chiropractic Clinic, the most common causes of Migraine headaches are the spinal misalignments, or subluxations, of the upper cervical spine at the:

  • C1-atlas
  • C2-axis
  • Or both

These vertebrae encase the brain stem (upper spinal cord) which include all the cranial nerves I – XII. Cranial nerve II (optic nerve) when pinched causes visual disturbances associated with migraines. The sympathetic nervous system (autonomic) when involved can cause digestive symptoms like nauseas/vomiting. An injury could occur to this region as a result of:

  • Hyperflexion / hyperextension of head or neck
  • Slip and Fall
  • Sports injury
  • Trauma (concussion)

Alternate causes could also be a Brain tumor/cyst or Brain stem tumor/cyst and a CT –Scan or MRI are the preferred test(s) to identify these much less common causes.

Identifying the underlying cause of your Migraine headaches can bring some emotional relief and validation, but beginning a course of treatment that brings physical relief of the excruciating pain is a resolution worth keeping. Dr. Robinson states that, “Chiropractic spinal adjustments to upper cervical spine C1/C2 (Atlas/Axis) vertebras not only are effective for immediate headache relief but also when performed over a brief period of time will realign these joints to correct the cause of symptoms.”

Scheduling a visit to Bloomingdale Chiropractic Clinic should be Step 1 in implementing your resolution to say “Goodbye” to your Migraine headaches, for good. They offer gentle Spinal Adjustments, Physical Therapy, Weight Training, Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Manual and Mechanical Traction. They accept a vast array of insurances, so don’t delay the relief you so desperately need. Call today.

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